Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday holiday x Nail spa day!

Hola! I'd like to share to you guys what's my agenda yesterday. So since it's a holiday, I decided to pamper myself with a manicure- pedicure session at Oh my Kha! Nail spa and Salon . It's my first time in this particular salon and since I heard a lot of nice feedback about this salon from my fellow ZC bloggers, I decided to visit it yesterday and yeah, the place is very pampering with a mellow music on. You can really relax during the session. It cost me P190.00 ($4.5) all in all. Not bad for a mani-pedi sesh since they are using an imported nail polish (ORLY).

Moving on, after the sesh, mom and I went to grocery then head straight to Paseo del Mar to unwind a bit with my uncle and aunt. And since it's mom's first time to visit the place, we took photos from their. Watched the sunset, had dinner at Alavar's, watch the dancing fountain then head straight home. Check out our photos.

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So I'll end my post here. Going to read a lot again today for tomorrow's comprehensive examination. Hope you guys enjoyed reading my blogpost. Xo

Ropa Jane

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