Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 1-15 PHOTO A DAY

Today is exactly 15 days after I posted about the December photo a day I was going to make. Anyway, I haven't really updated this in my Instagram and Twitter since I deleted my Instagram app on my iPad to give me more concentration on my studies. And after long long time of reviewing, tomorrow will be the judgment. You're right, tomorrow's gonna be the first day of licensure exams. and I have high hopes that I'm going to make it and I trust the above for whatever's going to happen. Moving on, here's my Day 1-15 photo a day this December.

  1.  Woke up at exactly 8:00 am ( I turned on my phone alarm).
  2. One of the mantra bracelet I got from Wear Mauve.
  3. My wallet
  4. My review seatmates (Names written in B&W)
  5. The cotton candy clouds ^__^
  6. The Zamboanga City Hall's Christmas lights =)
  7. One of my wishes, to get to see shooting stars :)
  8. My hero, my everything; MOM <3
  9. Going out to get some stuffs from groceries with mom.
  10. My gladiators =>
  11. My favorite candy. yay!
  12. (none)
  13. The lights at our review venue: Terra Cotta!
  14. My bedroom slippers. HAHA oldest I got since 2005 from bananapeel
  15. Today outside our house.

Please see the previous post for reference. And I am asking you to help me or include me in your prayers for tomorrow. Until here for now. God bless everyone. 

Ropa Jane

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