Saturday, January 7, 2012

Connector Rings x Tassel Necklace x Pizza!

So I spent my Saturday afternoon at school for a 1pm- 6pm class after a long tiring night shift I got from Wednesday evening up to this morning. I feel pretty fine now, knowing I can already sleep well not worrying about back aches and where in the conference room of Peuriculture should I settle to get an adequate sleep. So  yeah! A little sacrifice equivalent to 2 Delivery cases which I really needed most as a requirement for graduation. Anyhow, after my class today, I went to a local thrift store to splurge a little for an accessories  and some materials I'll be needing for my tassel necklace. 

These connector rings just got me goin' crazy that I really purchased them without any hesitations.

This connector ring makes me feel like I'm CINDERELLA

 Spread some love beybi!

 flower x glitters is 


My first ever Tassel Necklace (DIY)


Planning to make more designs and sell it online. What do you think?

Moving on, after everything and all, I had a pizza snack with my boyfie   he treated me a double size pizza from Greenwich and had a small talk about having lunch together for tomorrow. 

So tomoorow will be the Zamboanga Bloggers part II meet ups and another pizza-gravanza. oh!!! I love pizza and I will never get tired eating pizza forever. HAHA! 


Ropa Jane

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