Sunday, January 8, 2012

you BLUE me away!

Blue polka sheer top: thrifted, black tights: sent by mom, peep toed wedges: from boyfie, tasseled bag: sent by mom and tassel necklace: DIY 


Yesterday, we had the part II of Zamboanga Bloggers United. Unfortunately, not everyone came because some are sort of busy and some are based outside Zamboanga and they already went back to their places since classes already started. So it was few of us got a chance to again meet and talk something about our progressing blogger's society. We just had an extra large pizza while chit chatting and sharing some thoughts with each other. After all the laughing and talking stuffs, Jannie and her beau decided to exit first. But before leaving, she paid our bills and it was pretty awesome! HAHA! thanks a lot Jannie for the treat ^____^ 

Here are some of our photos :)

 The Pizza! 
Angel Rhea , Patsy, Niza
Photos courtesy of

Once again, another blogger's bonding time and sort like of a farewell party to our very own Patsy who will be going to back to Manila. 'til next time bloggers ^^.


Just a short announcement:
I'll be hosting a giveaway soon. I will be giving away my DIY tassel necklace and some other stuffs for you guys! just keep posted. XOXO

Ropa Jane

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