Monday, January 9, 2012

Miss Nothing, Miss Everything!

Black net back top: from mums(box)|Animal printed tights: OK Bazaar
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Hello everyone! Last Friday, the box that my mom sent me from Israel has arrived. But only earlier this Monday that I got the chance to open it since I was too busy from school and I had a Bloggers meet up last Sunday. So yeah! I opened it yesterday morning and I was so excited to see what's inside it.
I took some of the photos of it. Check it out! :)

 This is how the box looks like when delivered home

Nutella <33333

 Chocolates @@ Hello Tonsilitis :/

Mums just so sweet getting me these colored socks, hand and foot creams, lip and eye liners and a compact powder foundation from Lancom

A lot more things inside the box but these are just the highlights. I mean the things I photograph because some of those are just so unmentionable. Moving on, while clearing the stuffs after opening the box, I checked out one of the purse that my mom got me. So I opened it and found out something inside.

@@ molaaaahhhh $$

Thanks a lot Nanay for the awesome gifts. ILOVEYOUSOMUCH! and I'll see you soon. XOXO

Ropa Jane

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