Friday, November 23, 2012

OOTD: VANS girl!

Tee: @VansPhilippines
Jeans: JAG
Flats: Ben & Trix
Bag: Lacoste

Striking poses with Maykiel & Aniza

TGIF! yay! 22 more days to go 'til the Nurses licensure examination. To be honest, I am having this increased anxiety level already. Will I make it? *think positive* YES! I CAN!  Sure I will. Anyway, about the blog title; yeah! VANS Tee from @VansPhilippines. I've been eyeing for that tee since last month and if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll know how I got that shirt. Thanks to my Mum <3 (Mother's knows best). So I went simple today. Tee+Skinny Jeans+Strappy Flats for review class. Have you seen my crying pimples? uhuuuu :'( maybe because I'm so so stress now a days thinking about the upcoming NLE. No full make up for today, just a normal no make up face of me and my red lipstick on. What you think? ^^,


Ropa Jane

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