Friday, January 6, 2012

Better late than never

Hello everyone! So yeah, I'm back :) Going to share to you guys a late Christmas gift I got from boyfie <3. Since he went home to his hometown (Dipolog City) for Christmas vacay, he decided to just give me his gift when he's back to Zamboanga after the holidays. He's so sweet enough to get me this pair of cute wedges. I'm so, okaaayyy! foreal? I'm inlove with it. If you've been following my blog and tweets, you'll know how I love leopard prints/ animal prints so much. So I'm happy with the late gift I got from somebody who loves me very much. The details of the leopard print is just so sexy to the eyes. Isn't it? So worth the wait right? What do you think? 

And oh, check out my new header, he also did it for me. <3 

Ropa Jane

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