Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Spree!

Hello everyone! Today went very awesome for me. My Saturday was a shopping spree/ quality time with my one and only, very beautiful and generous mom in the whole wide world. Moving on, since review class was called off this Saturday, mom and I decided to go down town to have my graduation photo enlarged for the purpose of framing it and posting it on our wall (somehow be a home decor. lol) but eventually, 'twas not the only agenda on my mind. HAHA! I brought her inside VANS store but end up window shopping for she doesn't like any at that certain store. (awwww :( sorry Jahney!) So I spotted something at OXYGEN and they had a 50% off at selected items and my eyes were rolling so we went inside and I purchased one item there. After which we went to the next floor to buy something for my uncle and I end up buying two flats there and three colored belts, and mom bought some stuffs for herself as well. Next thing we did was to transfer from one mall to another (sounds rich huh! >:)) ) Well, we went to Southway Mall to buy frames for the photos and new mugs for the both of us. Then mom and I we're a bit tired so we ate pizza at GREENWICH. And before leaving the mall, I went upstairs to grab a new pair of the legendary HAVAIANAS since my favorite pair has a broken strap already. So yeah, thanks mom for the awesome treat. You are the best! ILOVEYOU! 

 Black top (will post a look with this soon)

I find these pair of flats very sexy for my feet. yay!

Since AZTEC is a trend today, these pair of flats caught my attention. What do you think?

colored belts!!!!

 Yay! isn't it pretty? I'm in love with this one and what's written on it.

 My Nanay Linen <3

 Yes! That's Me :)

My new pair of Havainas! @@

After a long, tiring but extra fun day, I went out to have a dinner party. 'twas Akira's Birthday Bash. I'll be posting a separate blog about that after photos will be uploaded. So I guess I'll end up here. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog. Until my next blogpost. XO

Ropa Jane

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