Monday, February 13, 2012

Reaction paper: Resolving Conflict

Just a short post about my reaction paper for NCM( Nursing Care Management) 105


You are a male/female nurse assigned to take care of a 15 year old male quadriplegic patient. He is beginning to direct sexual comments and suggestive facial gestures towards you while you are providing his basic care. Yesterday it was so annoying that you became frustrated and did not complete his basic care. You are reluctant to say anything to the client directly because the attending physician is his uncle. In addition, the patient told you that he will report you to his uncle for not completing his basic care, if you make a report of his behavior to the nurse unit manager. It is anticipated that the patient will stay in the unit to several weeks.

Being a nurse is a tough job. Rendering care to your patient sometimes is not just as easy as one snap of the finger since not all patients are the same and everyone has its own behavior and personalities. Because of the differences, it’s inevitable to have conflicts with patients we are handling. Though a normal part of life, conflicts are never easy to manage. Deeply rooted ones can take a serious toll on your physical, mental and spiritual well- being. What is worse is when you allow conflicts to highlight the imperfection of your relationship with others.
            In the given scenario, if I were the nurse, assessing the conflict is the first thing I will do. I will ensure to find out reasons why conflicts have arisen; are there any actions I made wrong that led to conflict? If so, I will let my patient express his feelings about it. Listening actively to him and not giving judgment is what I will do. Good therapeutic communication is the best way for me to communicate with my patient. After assessing his behavior, I will explain to him that his actions have been offensive to my side and thus needs proper discipline. I will try to let him understand my duties and responsibilities as a nurse and will not tolerate such attitude. I will not allow my emotions to cloud my perspective. I will raise my concerns in a respectful manner, be attentive to what he has to say and request the same attention for myself as well. To resolve the conflict, I will be considering using of the conflict management styles. I will be using the accommodation. - This style will serve to minimize differences among individuals but has a disadvantage of temporary fix. This means that while I am resolving the conflict that has arisen among the two of us, efficient rendition of care will also be provided. Thus it will help in the prognosis of the patient’s illness. 

I just hope I could get a high grade with this. :)
Goodnight and God Bless us all!

Ropa Jane

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