Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was indeed a love holiday for those who got partners in their lives. And as for me, it was just a normal Tuesday as I got class in the morning. I wasn't expecting any special thing to happen that day because I got no Valentino. But days before the Valentines, an ex lover asked me out for a lunch/dinner something. I said yes, so we had lunch yesterday. To tell you honestly guys, I wasn't expecting him to do something for me. I thought 'twas just a plain lunch but to my surprise, I was really surprised!! (^^<) He was so sweet to get me a bouquet of flowers, a heart shaped lasagna + those sticky notes with perfect two lyrics on it. And while I was reading the notes, a song from Twilight soundtrack was playing. I couldn't help my self but to cry the whole time. But I also felt special because he somehow made me one.

This is what he got me that made my heart melt @@

And this is the song that kept on playing the whole time I was crying.

Thank you so much Skyler for the effort. Thank you for understanding the fact that as for the moment, we couldn't be together. But I swear to you, whatever happens or wherever we may be, a special space in my heart will always be yours.

Ropa Jane

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