Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Owl poncho top x Philippine Passport

Earlier today, when I get out from my room to get something outside, I was partly surprised that its kinda foggy. Practically, it's not really normal living in a tropical country. I mean basically in Zamboanga City. That was my first time, I was thinking I was in Forks. Anyhow, so I end up skipping my morning class due to the rain that occurred earlier. So instead, I went through my notes for the upcoming quiz at 3pm. And everything goes smoothly. After my quiz, I went down town to get my parcel from KEEP CALM & SHOP ONLINE. I was so excited for the new top I got. Actually it was 2 inside, the other one is Nelka's. We decided to get the same top with just different colors.

The one in the left is Nelka's and mine's the peach :D


Just want to share another thing. Yesterday, I went to DFA to finally pick up my Philippine Passport. It was no hassle at all. It was fairly arranged and I didn't wait a lot of time sitting for my name to be called. So yeah, I already got my passport and I'm so near to fulfilling my dreams. yay! (HongKong Dreams!)

 Nevermind the photo, I look lame @__@

So yeah, I hope you had fun reading my post. What do you think of my new purchase? hihi good night! XO

Ropa Jane

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