Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Scent x Rabbito Case

I went to a 7-3 shift and learned a lot today. Firstly, I was tasked to do morning care together with my duty mate Cora. We did the changing of linens and bed bathing, while the four other boys did the taking of routine vital signs. It was tiring but very productive. We end up taking lunch early so we could head straight home after doing everything. So after a tiring duty, I went down town to meet my gorgeous friend Nelka Jones to give her the owl top that we both got online. We had a small chat and decided to stop by Forme store to get myself a new scent. So we were smelling everything displayed and I decided to get the Jasmine scent. 

(sorry for the poor photo quality) JASMINE is a captivating floral scent inspired by the delicate and fragrant beauty in spring time. Lavishly spritz our refreshing body spray to leave skin lightly scented and feeling fresh.

Trying a new scent again. This is very affordable it costs P168.00 ($4) only. Check it out at Forme store located at Gateway Square.

Moving on, so when I got home, my aunt gave me the parcel I was expecting today.  I was very excited to finally see personally the Rabito case I got for my baby (Galaxy Y). Inside was the rabito case + a matte screen protector. (from
Isn't it cute? Unfortunately, they don't have a hot pink color so instead, I got the red one. Happy :bib16:

What did you do today? was your day as productive as mine? XO

Ropa Jane

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