Sunday, January 22, 2012

DIY ring organizer

Hello! Kung Hei Fat Choi to all my Chinese friends! It's a holiday today and I was planning of going out to meet some friends but It was cancelled due to the not-so-good weather. The rain is on and off so I decided to just stay home today. Anyhow, seems like its not a productive day for me just staying home, I decided to fix my dresser and some messy stuffs inside my room. And I end up thinking of doing an organizer for my rings/connector rings. I will show you today how I was able to come up with this thing. It's not very eye catching but if you will do it yourself, you can do it on your own perspective. THIS IS JUST A GUIDE!

So let's start!
1. Any kind of box
2. Magazine papers/ any kind or papers you will like
3. Scissors
4. Double sided tape.

Step 1.
Cut the box in a size you wanted.

Step 2.
Cut some papers( I used magazine papers),roll it like in the picture and tape the ends.

 Step 3.
After rolling the papers, put it inside the box and make sure to tape it down below.

 We're done! Just 3 simple steps for that simple ring organizer and Tadaaahhhh!!! this is the finished product!

So what do you think? Hope this'll help you in organizing your rings/connector rings at home. 

Have a great day! XOXO

Ropa Jane

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