Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gloomy Saturday!

Cropped leather jacket from COVERMEUP|Heart baggy shirt from boyfie <3
Don't forget to HYPE!

Last Saturday was really a gloomy day. I mean the weather isn't really good. From the morning 'til noontime, it's drizzling all through out. So since I got a 1pm class and it's partly cold outside, I decided to wear the leather jacket I got from a legit online store. In my lifetime, I always wanted to become a part/cast of a vampire series. So wearing this ensemble made me experienced how it is like to dress up like a cast of Vampire Diaries.  =D>

 So after my class, I head straight to Yana's crib to meet and bond with my closest friends (Nypple Clan). Good thing we had the chance to get together again since a lot of them are already working away from the city. So we had dinner and a lot of chit chattings. I had a blast with them. I can say that moments are really priceless when you are with your real friends. ARIBA! NC!!!!

Sad to say, I left my camera home so I wasn't able to take a lot of photos. But my friend brought his DSLR with him but wasn't able to upload the pictures yet.  So I'll just have a separate post of our dinner night when he'll upload it soon. XOXO

Today is 16th and I'd like to greet my fellow blogger PATRICIA TAN a Happy Birthday! have a good one Patty! :*

Ropa Jane

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