Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello everyone :) Yes, I know It's been a while since a posted a blog again. SAREEHHH :/ I was quite busy doing a completion duty even on holidays for my cases as my requirement for graduation and thankfully, just yesterday I completed my Operating Cases yey! ^_^ And hopefully, I'll get a lot of Delivery cases in my next rotation.

Two more sleeps and YES! It's CHRISTMAS and when you say Christmas, It's all about gifts and stuffs.

So I'll be showing you guys the things I got for Christmas :)

American Flag Polo from a local store here in ZC at almost $4 (P189)

This is in my wishlist ~ Thanks to my aunt who bought this for me ^^,

Artwork shirt with Marilyn Monroe on print :) I'm in love with this shirt so much! thanks to my friend Miranda Kerr aka KRISZIA <3 XOXO

Since my lips dried a lot, a friend referred this lip balm for me to use and so far, so good :) 

I've been eyeing for this tights since November and yes! bought it for almost $4 (P175)

Paganini make up brushes in addition to my little make up kit :)


Wait! I got more ^___^ Me and my friend decided to visit the thrift store earlier today and check what I got.

Would you believe me if I'll tell you I only paid P235 ($6) in all these stuffs? Seriously, I did, yay!

Sheer tops 4 for only P130 ($3)

Lacy back top @ P35 ($0.8)

and my favoriteeeee <3 I got this for only P70 ($1.6)

Do you think I got a good deal with these?
What have you got for Christmas? 

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