Sunday, December 25, 2011

My EON Card

Hello everyone :) went out earlier today to finally pick up my EON Card at Union Bank. 

Tadaaaa!* this is how my card looks like :)

Thanks to my co ZC blogger Rhea Bue for recommending it to me :) 

I know it's been weeks since I posted about my online application of it. But the long wait is over. I have it on my hands already and sure be using it in my online shopping as a Paypal reference and etc. Anyhow, to know more on how to apply online and the uses of this card just click my blog link and on my sidebar.

I hope you guys had a great day today. Five more days and we'll bid goodbye to 2011 and finally welcome 2012.
Have you noticed the fireworks on my sidebar? hihi ^^,

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