Sunday, September 30, 2012


Last Friday was my 22nd birthday. For me, I consider it as one of my happiest birthday ever, since after eight years of celebrating it without my mom, at last, now she's home to celebrate my natal day with me. Moving on, since I have a review on that same day, I decided not to absent myself and just treat my review mates a lunch. And yeah, I ordered a Mc Fillet+ Coke Float from McDo for us during lunch time. 

After the review, I head straight to Barcode Rizal to have a dinner with my family and some close friends I had. It's not really that *bonnga* Birthday that you guys are expecting. It's just a simple dinner just to give thanks to the Lord Almighty for all the blessings he has showered on me. 

 My Birthday Cake

 And yes, my mom was the awesomest ever. She got me an iPad 3 like yeah \m/ thanks mom :* <3

And a big thanks to Dreamcatcher's Charm for my lovely dinner giveaways =)

I would also want to thank everybody who wished me another awesome year and greeted me through Facebook, Twitter, texts and calls. You all people just made my special day so special. Thank you for showing some love.

Ropa Jane

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