Monday, October 1, 2012

NIVEA Angel star Lip balm review

Yesterday mom and I went to church and after churching, we went to grocery to buy goods for the month of October. So while mom's at the food corner, I'm pretty busy eyeing some items at the beauty section. FYI by the way, my mom has already had this kind of lip balm but hers the one that's in color red. So I tried to look for it at Nivea stalls and lucky me, I found one ^_____^

If you've been following me on Twiiter & Instagram (@ohyeahjahney) you'll see I posted a photo of what I got from the beauty section of the grocery yesterday.

This Nivea Angel star Lip balm contains SPF10 which protects your lips against UVA and UVB rays. It comes in a trendy pink with shimmering particles and fruity scent to create a real wow effect on your lips.

Packaging: 5/5
I love the packaging of this lip balm. it's very girly and very eye catching and the shape of the lip balm is very sexy to  hold and it weighs 4.8g

Pricing: 5/5
Considering it's a NIVEA product, I wowed when I knew it only costs P80. Not bad right?

Color: 4/5
Not really my type of color though. I would rather choose the one my mom has but the only available color at the stall is this one so for trial purposes, I bought one and eventually will look for stores that sells this lip balm while consuming it.

Overall: 4.5
I give 4.5 to this item. So far tried it once and i feel comfortable with it compared to my Myra lip balm. It has a flirty shimmery effect that I love so much. So I guess I'll settle to this one at the moment.

Would you like to try something new? Would you like a heavenly smooth lips with a dazzling shimmer? try NIVEA Angel star Lip balm. For lips that love to talk, smile laugh and kiss.

Ropa Jane

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