Sunday, September 23, 2012


Since Saturday, rain has never stopped from pouring here in Zamboanga City. Saturday and Sunday was my scheduled pre- board examination in our school and rain  never cooperated. *sighs* Day 2 of our exam was the worst experience I had with my nursing uniform. I was taking the examination while my stockings are wet *ewww* HAHA but I didn't mind that at all. What's important to me at that time was to answer everything and get high grades. 

So yeah, today's still raining and I missed my review since the electricity just got back and we have no water at all. LOL :)) I also heard that classes in some schools here in ZC are cancelled because of the heavy rain. 

Since Im just home today, I decided to have an outfit post for my blog. Went raiding my mum's closet and find this pretty dress. yay! What do you think? ^^,

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Ropa Jane 

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