Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lazy Thursdaaaaaay!

Hello dear readers! :) 
Just a normal Thursday for me. I was too lazy to attend the review today so I end up staying at home the whole day @@ yay! I and mom we're suppose to watch movie but since my uncle has something more important to do and there is no one to be left at home, my movie date with mom was cancelled and moved on to Sunday. So yeah, I end up dressing up and decided to blog it up and mom's my personal photographer here and I guess she's having fun snapping shots of me. :)) check out my photos and don't forget to hype it up on lookbok.

Top: gift from a friend| Bottoms: DIY shorts (an old colored jeans)| Shoes: local store

So yeah, I'll end my blogpost here. I'm very sorry if I couldn't update this blog more often because I'm a bit busy reviewing for the NLE. And I have big hopes that I will pass it with flying colors. yay! Wish me luck! <3

Ropa Jane

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