Thursday, February 9, 2012

M - A - N - I - L - A !

Yesterday I got my Itinerary receipt from a plane company for my Manila vacay. Actually, my stay won't be that long because I just have something very important to meet on those days. I already marked my planner; March 10-14, 2012 will be the days I'll be spending on the city that doesn't sleep? HAHA! This isn't my first time though. But the last time I was in Manila was 4 years ago and I was not that eager to explore the city yet. But now, I'm planning on trying out some new things. Whatever! @@ actually, the main reason I am coming to the city is a big big BIG BIG SECRET! :))) sounds intriguing right? But no! I am meeting a very important person in my life. ayeeeee <3 you wanna guess who? HAHA! Anyway I already got plans on what to do, where to go and whom I'm gonna meet. 

I can't wait to finally see my two high school friends Kneth and Yztah that is now a Manila based ladies. Their planning to treat me a club party  when I get there. So I guess that would be a Manila way party? yay!  Next on the list is my not so long ago Boy friend Nabil who is my current textmate. HAHA! Actually he's my close boy friend here in Zamboanga before he decided to reside in Manila. I also contacted my friend/ co blogger Mich   to meet me on her free time on my days of stay in the city so we could have more time on getting to know each other since we haven't talked that much when we met here in Zamboanga. So I guess I'm gonna keep you guys posted about everything that will happen on my little vacay. 
                                 Mich                                   Kneth                                            Nabil                                                  Yztah

Here's my Itinerary receipt! countdown! yay!

See you soon friends!XOXO

Ropa Jane

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