Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's inside my everyday make up kit?

A lot of us girls has this attitude of carrying make up stuffs inside our bag. And I admit, I am one of those girls. In going to school or going elsewhere, I see to it that I have my make up kit inside my purse. It's kinda essential for me, I mean to a lot of us. Isn't it? I'm not a make up guru or something, I'm just a grown up lady who loves make up, that's all- HAHA!. So I'm going to let you peep inside my everyday make up kit.

  1. Heart shape mirror (sorry not clear enough that it's a heart shape ^^V) - from my mom.
  2. Kabuki like blush brush- from a local store in Zamboanga
  3. Super Curlacious mascara- from AVON
  4. Professional lash booster- from AVON
  5. Fashion 21 single blush on #4 -from fashion 21
  6. Urban Decay lip brush- give away of Jannie during our NYX photoshoot
  7. EB scarlet lippie- from Ever Bilena
  8. EVERA eye pencil- from Ever Bilena
  9. Koshize nude lippie- from Sophie Martin
  10. POP lip gloss- from mums
  11. Colour collection liquid lippie- ( I forgot where'd I purchase it)
  12. My 3- year old tangle comb
These are just the things I bring with me in my everyday life.  How about you? what do you usually bring with your everyday make up kit?

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