Thursday, December 1, 2011

EON card online application

Since I decided to keep this blog alive, I ask my friend Rhea Bue of on how I can have a paypal account/ card for me to use. Sorry guys but honestly, I'm so new at all these things and I'm willing to learn. Going back to the topic, so I applied for an EON card at Union bank. I was so amazed that nowadays, opening an account for a bank is so easy. You just have to open your computer, go to the site, fill up the online form and "tadaaaaa" on the next day you can pick your EON card at the nearest Union bank branch. see how easy it is? 

So after filling up an online form, you will receive a text message from  umobile stating that they have received your application details and you can pick your card on the next day. On your visit in their branch, you just have to bring with you a photocopy of  your 2 valid ID's (for the list of valid ID's) , P350.00 for your annual fee and bring your initial deposit (not required but recommended) so that you can start using your EON account.

So yes, I'm excited to finally get my card soon and use it for my PAYPAL account. I can already get it tomorrow but for the reason that I'm quite busy with the RLE stuffs and my class, I might get it on the second week of the month. And surely I'll keep you posted about it guys. XOXO

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