Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NURSING- my chosen profession

Just last week (December 1-3, 2011) during my 7-3 shift at Zamboanga Doctor's Hospital, we imparted some of our knowledge to some people around the OPD department by giving them health teaching sessions about Dengue and proper Sponge bathing. ( I know it's very common, but a lot of them really needs more reinforcement about the case.) It was a very nice gathering we had because a lot of them are very cooperative and really attentive. Some asked us questions and luckily, we did answer it. yay!

Being a nursing student is tough. Thinking that in learning the skills in the area are a bit limiting because there are procedures that we are not allowed to do so. (do you agree?) But it is not a hindrance of becoming an effective student nurse during your shift. Be yourself, accept failures and learn from it. Do your best and God will do the rest. hihi ^^,

"Nurses are God's angels with stethoscope"

(here are some of our photos during the health teaching session)

I was tasked to talk in front of the people. Seriously, I was a bit trembling that moment. haha! I'm not really used to talking in front of many people. But yeah!, I did it. Clapclap! =)

After each sessions, we distributed an evaluation sheet to be answered by the audience/patients, etc. that were present during the session for us to know if our presentation was applicable and informative.  . (sorry I wasn't able to photograph the evaluation sheet.) 

hihi just goofing around ^_____^

How about you? Do you have any RLE experience to share? I wanna read it! ^___^

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