Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Wishlist (updated)

Hello guys, last time I posted something on my tumblr account about my 2011 Christmas wishlist. I wanted to share it here and the reason why I wanted to re post it because there are changes to be made (haha!). Well If I could have enough money this Christmas, I will be able to get these stuffs but, I'm not really hoping i could get everything but proly, 2 or 3 items will surely be mine in this wishlist. So here it goes:

The number one thing I really wanted for Christmas is a BLACK LEATHER JACKET. Any Brand will do as long as it is leather.

Maybelline’s STILETTO MascaraI read a lot of reviews about this product already and I think it 
would be a lot of help for my short lashes for this mascara has a long lashes effect when  applied :D

Mac Lipstick @@ I know it's kinda costly but I wanted to try any shade of Mac lipstick. 

Any kind of hair iron. I've been canvassing from different stores already and I found one from a local store here in Zamboanga :)

A leopard pumps/wedge or any leopard shoes <3. If you've been following me in my twitter account, you'll surely know how I love leopard/animal prints. 

These are just some of what I wanted for Christmas this year. 
hope Santa Clause could read this and grant me any of these. XOXO 


  1. Great list! :D Lots of faux-leather jackets in F21 and Topshop. I saw some too in what a girl wants. Real leather would be too hot for this country! hehe :P

    As for mac lipsticks, you should try pink noveau, lustering, girl about town, russian red, or ruby woo. :D

  2. Thanks for the suggestions on where I can purchase the items :) I will surely try those MAC shades.XX