Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween Fashion Show

 (The RED Coleection)

 (The BLACK Collection)

 (My favorite photo of all. This is Janela Marie Cacnio lil sister of my childhood friend. Can't believe she's totally grown up now. So stunning and fabulous. Isn't she?)

One of the highlights during the Halloween at our place was the fashion show that was organized by the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. It was a small event held at Ilog Public Auditorium last November 1, 2012 headed by my cousin Jajee Urbanozo. It's just a simple fashion show that brought fun to every Ilognons during that night. The show showcased the participant's RED & BLACK Collection and ended up with the Halloween Costume contest. And after that event, a public dance followed. 

I can say that this is somewhat one of the best short vacation I had. Starting from the 100 years Anniversary up to this event is considered to be a one unforgettable experience I had. Keep posted guys for more blog entries to come. I might not be very active after this post since I'll be so much focusing myself to my review classes since NLE is fast approaching. You can still know what's happening with my day- to- day life if you guys are following me on Instagram and Twitter. Have a blessed day to all of us.

Ropa Jane

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