Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beauty Review: Nyx Round Lipstick!

Hello everyone! When I got home today, my aunt handed me the parcel I was expecting to arrive last Saturday from NYX PAMPANGA-a Philippine based online store for pre order Nyx products. I ordered it last December and after 3 weeks to almost 1 month of waiting, It arrived. Yey! So I got three of their round lippies.  I was so eager to have these three shades since I once had a photo shoot on the different shades of Nyx lipstick. And these three are my most favorite.

I got this pretty babies for $3 only. I'm in love with the packaging and how it looks like. The color is very pigmented and it has a semi matte finish but I swear, It doesn't dry when applied and I guess after a couple of hours after wearing it. The only thing I noticed about this is, you need to store it in a temperature where it doesn't gets hot. I mean Because when we were doing our photo shoot before, I noticed a lot of damaged lippies that melted due to the heat of the sun. It should be placed away from direct sunlight to avoid it from melting.

PANDORA                                            HOT PINK                                            PERFECT

Final thoughts: It's not only the shades of the lipstick with the quality formula. It's the fact that it's affordable at $3 and how the semi matte finish looks when applied.

P.S Sorry If I don't have a photo when applied to my lips. My camera is not functioning well at the moment. So I'm using my cellphone in capture these photos.

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Ropa Jane

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