Saturday, December 10, 2011

Latest buys!

Last Thursday, my cousin from Saudi Arabia called me saying that he sent me money as a Christmas gift and I was like , "oh, thanks, really? ^____^ I was so happy that day and until today. HAHA! So after my duty, I went buying stuffs and went to different stores here in Zamboanga to canvass for a straightening iron that is affordable and has a good quality.I saw one from OK Bazar and I guess that's what I'll be getting before Christmas. i'm so pretty excited to buy it soon. And I'll keep you guys posted about it.yay!

So here's some of the photos of what I got last Thursday: 
(Sorry for the poor photo quality :( still saving for a new cam soon <3)

So yeah! I went accessory shopping again ^___^ 
(Mix and Match offers a 20%- 30% off on their accessories. So hurry! I think promo is for the Christmas season only -____- )

Lastly, I got new nail polishes since my old ones got dried already. These polishes from BOBBIE are very eye catching and I guess this'll be great for the yuletide season since the color is a glittery gold/silver something. (these costs P26/each from Shopper's Plaza)

And this is how it looks like when applied

So far, these are the things I got myself for Christmas. how about you? Did you already have an early Christmas shopping? 

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